Interpath Pty Ltd is a globally successful Australian company based in Ballarat Victoria and are the makers of the Sashas™ Range. The company has medical and veterinary health divisions, and is an industry leader specializing in the scientific research and development for the treatment of tissue and cellular inflammation.


Using Sashas Flexibites™

Sashas Flexibites™ offers its users tips and information on using Sashas Flexibites. Please find the relevant information within this section:


Use & Dosage

Sashas Flexibites™ are to be administered orally directly, as a reward or hidden in food

Flexibites Daily Dosage for Dogs:

Dog Weight:  Up to
10 kg 
 11 - 20 kg
 21 - 30 kg
31 kg and over 
 Daily Dose:
 1 - 4 bites
 2 - 8 Bites
 2 - 12 Bites
 4 - 16 Bites

Flexibites Daily Dosage for Cats: 

Cat Weight:

Up to

5 - 10 kg

10 kg and over

Daily Dose:

1 - 4 bites

2 - 8 Bites

3 - 12Bites

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What animals can use Sashas Flexibites?

Sashas Flexibites™ are tasty low calorie palatable bite that help promote energy, vitality, digestion and health coat and skin.

While Sashas Flexibites™ are predominately used in dogs and cats, they can use used in all different animals.  Because of their strong meat flavour you will find most animals will just love the taste,

The Ballarat Wildlife Park even use Sashas Flexibites™ on their ageing Tasmanian Devil!!!

If you are using Sashas Flexibites on your unusual pet we'd love to hear from you!  Click here to e-mail us

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Safety & Precautions

Sashas Flexibites™ are a natural product and are safe to long term

Can Sashas Flexibites™ be used in pregnant animals?

Sashas Flexibites™ are not recommended for use in pregnant animals.


Do not give to your animals that have an allergy to shellfish or marine products


If you have any further questions about giving your pet Sashas Flexibites™ please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 5336 4308 or e-mail  

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Disclaimer: The claims made on this website regarding Interpath & Sashas Flexibites™  products may not necessarily comply with specific country regulatory requirements. Please refer to the registered label in your country. 



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