Interpath Pty Ltd is a globally successful Australian company based in Ballarat Victoria and are the makers of the Sashas™ Range. The company has medical and veterinary health divisions, and is an industry leader specializing in the scientific research and development for the treatment of tissue and cellular inflammation.

Media Release - Austrade (23 July 2004)

Victorian Company Treats Ailing Animals Limbs

Friday, 23 July 2004 - Austrade Media Release

A Victorian product that helps animals battle the symptoms of osteoarthritis is taking the world’s veterinary industry by storm, being successfully exported to Germany, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, the UK and Singapore.

Sashas Blend™, launched four years ago by Ballarat company Interpath, is made from marine ingredients, vitamins and minerals, and helps animals cope with stiff and sore joints arising from arthritis. Veterinarians from around the world have been unanimous in their endorsement for the product, reporting major breakthroughs in the health and wellbeing of their animals.

Co-owner of Interpath, Corina Bright, said the company’s export success was the result of many years of product development and extensive field trials.

“Our original objective was to have the product registered as a veterinary medicine and this required massive amounts of research data” Mrs Bright said.

“We conducted trials with more than 660 dogs and continued to refine the formulation to ensure it both worked and met the appropriate regulations.

“All these efforts paid off, and we subsequently became the first Australian company to have a natural animal product officially registered as a veterinary medicine,” she said.

Since being launched onto the Australian market in mid 2000, Sashas Blend™ has become the highest selling veterinary medicine animal joint treatment in Australia, outselling its nearest natural competitor by more than 10 to one.

Success in international markets was quick to follow, with deals being made with distributors across most major markets. The most recent deal, with Irish veterinary wholesaler, Duggan Veterinary Supplies, is the result of an Austrade program called Rugby Business Club Australia (RBCA). RBCA was a program designed to generate trade, investment and business tourism outcomes from Rugby World Cup 2003.

"We met Duggan Veterinary Supplies through Rugby Business Club Australia, and then we continued to correspond with each other in the months afterwards, sending samples across to Ireland for testing on their animals,” Mrs Bright said.

“Their response was extremely positive and they requested their first order (a three-year deal worth several hundred thousand dollars) in May this year.

Mrs Bright said that apart from the obvious prospects for the business, it was the feedback from vets and dog owners that helped keep them inspired.

“The fact that our product is having such a profound effect on the health and quality of life for animals is very, very satisfying,” she said.

Luke Thrum, Austrade
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